A Day of New Beginnings

Transform. Revitalize. Break free.

Butterflies. Brides are like butterflies.

Darren unfolds the bride from her cocoon into something transcendently beautiful.

The initial consultation through to the wedding are phases of unfolding, steps in the process to transformation.
The connection forged between stylist and bride allows the look to emerge naturally, giving an experience and a look which is unique to each bride’s personal journey.

My brides have beautiful hair.

My brides walk down their runway with an accessory that perfectly highlights that exquisite moment where their life changes forever.

My brides have a hairstyle like no other.

From Darren’s wonderful clients…

Darren, I am so sorry to bother you on your Sunday night – but I have to thank you. You are a genius! The hair was so perfect! So many compliments.

xx Carla

Boston's Best Wedding Hair Stylist

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