Six Looks

Follow Darren as he captures the story of a woman ready to take a step into the unknown and change her life forever, with style.


Inspired by the metamorphosis of the butterfly the transformation of a 70’s glam model into the elegant, sophisticated bride is a detailed and inspired evolution.

Like the rebirth of the butterfly, Darren Le’s muse around his philosophy of life, the stylists and team’s vision for this shoot was to capture the process of a model becoming a bride and to inspire artists to continue to grow creatively.


The series, which features different phases of the bride’s journey to becoming a wife, begins in her hotel suite.

She pours over bridal magazines.

…before a laid back afternoon of shopping at her favorite luxury stores…


Through Darren’s masterful work, we glimpse the continuing story behind this bride\’s vision for her day.  We see her arriving at an evening cocktail reception, where she greets her closest family and friends.

…and later, the intimate styling session before the ceremony…


The stunning bride, transformed by Darren’s creative vision and skill, poses in the garden and relishes the precious minutes before the ceremony begins.


Finally, with the blissful day behind her, the new wife is united with her husband and, glowing with in the bright future ahead of her, we see her happily at rest in his arms.


Watch our bride’s story unfold in this brief film.

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